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David Stanley guitar teacher SydneyFor both adults and kids, the best way to progress with guitar lessons is to learn the music you want to learn in a fun creative environment with an experienced teacher. David has been running guitar lessons and bass lessons for over a decade and specializes in tailoring them to the musical tastes and experience of his students. Kids and adults, all styles and experience levels welcome. He has taught budding guitarists from aged 6 -72 proving that it is never too early or too late to begin guitar lessons. 

David Stanley has played thousands of shows and countless recordings. He also runs a recording studio Stanley Sound and had several productions featured on triple J. In 2020, David worked on Fanny Lumsden’s Fallow which won the aria award. He arranged and recorded music for a track for Nashville producer Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers) while America was in lockdown. David plays the role of George Harrison in the iconic show The Beatnix. He has toured all over the world including performing for royalty in Brunei. He has performed with  Seal, Keith Urban, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem, Olivia Newton John and Glen Shorrock along with performed headlining shows at The Theatre Royal, Adelaide Entertainment centre, Vodafone stadium and Twilight zoo series to name a few. David was also personally flown to Brisbane to play at the small wedding of one of the members of the band Powderfinger

He loves teaching kids and adults alike and passionately believes that anybody can learn to play the guitar. Guitar lessons in Cammeray and Wahroonga. 





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